We at IIERJ are excited to work with you. Becoming an IIERJ editor means you’ve become one of us, directly contributing to the oversight and development of our journals. Thus, your contributions are significant to us.

Your contributions to IIERJ would include:

  • Suggestion on how to improve the journal
  • Proofreading journal articles
  • Organize Special Issue Sessions
  • Authority to recommend an article in IIERJ P journal

IJIER will do these things for you:

  • Improve your scholarly position
  • 2Unlimited jurisdiction to recommend manuscript to IIERJ
  • We’ll announce our cooperation and add your information to our home page
  • IIERJ will work with you to organize a Special Issue Session

Duties of editor in IIERJ

  • Review some papers in your research interests.
  • Promotion of IIERJ in your colleagues.
  • Promotion of IIERJ in your area of influence.
  • Gather or Recommend high quality papers.

Eligibility for becoming the member of International Editors

(Degree and Position requirements) The applicant must hold:

  • D. (Doctor) Degree with good field experiences OR
  • Professor’s Position at accredited academic institution
  • (Good knowledge in some Specific fields) The applicant must have good experiences in his/her specific field of research.
  • The applicants from industrial background with good exposure to technologies.

If you have interest in becoming the editor of IIERJ, complete the form and email at along with your curriculum vitae (CV). (Download form)

Your name will be posted to the Editors’ list after the chairs’ confirmation.

Please remember, review is the most important collaboration of the editor.

IARSA International Education and Research Journal (IIERJ),