If you’re interested in honouring your knowledge and skills by supporting & promoting research activity in your University/College with the support of one of the world’s leading IARSA International Education and Research Journal (IIERJ), you’ll be pleased to know that IIERJ have launched the IIERJ RAP (Representative Association Programme) from August-2018, Currently we are looking for many representatives from many universities/colleges, research institutes and associations.

This Programme will serves as the foundation for the new research and innovations around the world. IARSA International Education and Research Journal (IIERJ) welcome expressions of interest in joining our Representative Association Programme; we are presently seeking new representative around the world.

Who Can Join?

Professors/Lecturers/Existing IIERJ Reviewers/Authors who would like to be considered in becoming a representative of IIERJ should apply.

Charges to Join:

  • Its free-of-cost
  • Listing in, and access to, the online IIERJ) Representative Network Directory
  • Demonstrate your professional status with Official IIERJ Representative Certification (At your University/College/Research Institutes/Association)
  • Get official IIERJ Representative ID Proof
  • Significant discounts on IIERJ peer-reviewed journals.
  • Access to IIERJ Research Resources
  • Special Discounts on IIERJ Publications and other Services
  • Gain professional recognition as official IIERJ Representative and demonstrate your excellence in the Practice of research related activities.
  • Get entry & access to IIERJ Hosted Conferences, Events, Seminars & Webinars
  • IIERJ) Awards Programme, acknowledging outstanding professional contributions made by you and your Colleagues
  • Meet and network with a diverse range of members in your area & around the world
  • First-to-know status for IIERJ’s programmes and calls for papers.
  • Connect with other international members through a range of networking activities
  • Professional Development and Recognition
  • Financial aid and scholarship opportunities
  • Get in touch with cutting edge technology, research activities & trends around the globe.
  • As an IIERJ Representative, you can take advantage of extensive professional and student benefits, most of which are available at no additional cost or at a substantial discount. Joining IIERJ is the most important connection a researcher can make.

Members enjoy a host of valuable benefits, plus the opportunity to have a direct impact on education and research work. The information submitted using below will be used by IIERJ Editorial boards to determine your suitability for appointment as an official representative of IIERJ at your affiliated university/college.


You will be notified of our decision by email after your Academic Profile Form and any supporting documents have been assessed by our editorial board and only if your application has been successful.