1. Manuscripts should be submitted preferably through email and the research article / paper should preferably not exceed 8 – 10 pages in all.
  2. Book review must contain the name of the author and the book reviewed, the place of publication and publisher, date of publication, number of pages and price.
  3. Manuscripts should be typed in 12 font-size, Times New Roman, single spaced with 1” margin on a standard A4 size paper. Manuscripts should be organized in the following order: title, name(s) of author(s) and his/her (their) complete affiliation(s) including zip code(s), Abstract (not exceeding 350 words), Introduction, Main body of paper, Conclusion and References.
  4. The title of the paper should be in capital letters, bold, size 16” and centered at the top of the first page. The author(s) and affiliations(s) should be centered, bold, size 14” and single-spaced, beginning from the second line below the title.

First Author Name

  • Second Author Name2, Third Author Name3
  • Author Designation, Department, Organization, City, email id
  • Author Designation, Department, Organization, City, email id
  • Author Designation, Department, Organization, City, email id
  1. The abstract should summarize the context, content and conclusions of the paper in less than 350 words in 12 points italic Times New Roman. The abstract should have about five key words in alphabetical order separated by comma of 12 points italic Times New Roman.


  1. Figures and tables should be centered, separately numbered, self explained. Please note that table titles must be above the table and sources of data should be mentioned below the table. The authors should ensure that tables and figures are referred to from the main text.

Please submit the Manuscript using either MS Word format or Latex format as given below:

IIERJ Word Format

IIERJ Latex Format

  • To speed up the article processing and review time, authors can send plagiarism report along with the original article.
  • Manuscript submission means that it is not under consideration for publications with other journals.
  • Once the paper is accepted, the authors are assumed to fill copyrights of the paper as an agreement between authors and journals.
  • If any copyrighted material is used by the author, the author must take permission for the same.
  • All the papers are refereed and acknowledged. Once published they will not be returned.
  • Paper has to be submitted in the specified format only.