Publishers should provide reasonable practical support to editors and define the relationship between publishers, editor and other parties in a contract. Publishers should protect intellectual property and copyright. Publishers should foster editorial independence. Publishers should work with journal editors to set journal policies appropriately and aim to meet those policies, particularly with respect to editorial independence, research ethics, authorship, transparency and integrity.

Publishers should communicate and periodically review journal policies (for example, to authors, readers, and peer reviewers). Publishers are responsible for publishing corrections, clarifications and retractions.

Journals published by IIERJ, IARSA International Education and Research Journal are following timely rigorous peer review process to bring the recent and novel scientific information at its best possible mode. As a publisher the following policies are being considered:

  • Supporting fair and timely Peer review process with the valuable inputs and from the responsible Editors and Reviewers.
  • The publisher adheres to the guidelines and procedure designed to ensure the fair and best practice followed by the industry.
  • Making constructive recommendations for improving the overall process along with better production support and global dissemination of the information published in the journals.
  • The publisher ensures the smooth functioning of the web development, web management, social media management for journals and articles with the help of the staff members.
  • With the vision to make scientific valuable researched information “Open Access”, IIERJ -, IARSA International Education and Research Journal is striving towards designing and launching innovative ways to showcase