Review Process

Review Process

IIERJ adopts an international review standard which emphasizes research groundwork, novelty, presentation, and format. Papers that authors submit to IIERJ must be original work, never published earlier in any medium, and not currently under consideration for publication elsewhere. It also focuses on whether the paper based on original research, as well as the creativity of research method and rationality of conclusion. There shall be a review process of manuscripts by one or more independent referees who are conversant in the pertinent subject area.

Authors should strive for maximum clarity of expression, bearing in mind that the purpose of publication is the disclosure of technical knowledge and that an excessively complex or poorly written presentation can only obscure the significance of the work presented. Material which is not essential to the continuity of the text (e.g., proofs, derivations, or calculations) b placed in Appendices The editor evaluates the recommendation and notifies the author of the manuscript status.

Each manuscript will be primarily examined by the editor and those selected for inclusion is then forwarded for double-blind peer review by members. On the basis of these reviews the research paper shall be published subject to recommendation of referees.

  • Accepts the paper for publication with no changes.
  • Accepts the paper for publication with only minor changes.
  • Accepts the paper for publication provided it is amended in line with the reviewer’s comments.
  • Rejects the paper as unsuitable for publication.

The author’s shall be informed about the selection/rejection of the article/paper by e-mail only. The rejected papers shall not be returned. In case of acceptance of the article, journal reserves the right of making amendments in the final draft of the research paper to suit the journal’s requirement. 

The comments of the anonymous reviewers will be forward to the authors, and when the authors are ready to submit their revised manuscript, read the comments of the editors and reviewers, and respond to them by telling what modifications they have made in their paper or why they have not made the suggested changes. Material which has been previously copyrighted, published, or accepted for publication will not be considered for publication in the journals. The review process shall ensure that all authors have equal opportunity for publication of their papers. Acceptance and scheduling of release of documents in these periodicals not implement added criteria and procedures beyond those contained in the review process.

The editorial board is highly committed to the quick review process of the paper, but not with the sacrifice of the right judgment of paper. The review process takes maximum two weeks.

All papers will undergo a thorough peer review unless the subject matter of the paper does not fit the Journal, in which case, it will be returned promptly to the author. Every effort will be made to give a quick decision and a rapid publication on acceptance.